About Me

My name is Ethan Connell (Cuh-nell, as in bell) and I love learning about economics. I’ll turn 16 years old in July of this year. I’m homeschooled, I love to play guitar, Legos, and ultimate Frisbee with my church group.  

Just because I’m a teen doesn’t mean you can’t read this blog even if you’re not. In fact, I would love it if older (than me) people would read and subscribe. I mean we’re all young at heart aren’t we? 

So now what actually matters: Why should you care? Economics sounds like a thing for college grads to theorize about, but that’s not the main reason for it to be talked about. If you know anything about Economics than you will be able to tell which politicians, for example, actually know what they are talking about. Why should you care? Because if you don’t know about these things you are putting yourself in a position to be duped by politicians who say they know what they’re talking about. That’s what this website is about.

But enough about me, go ahead and start reading.

I would love to have some other like-minded teens on my team. If you’re interested, go ahead and contact me and I will talk it over with you.

PS: If you aren’t a teen, but you still want to help, go ahead and contact me still. After all, nobody’s perfect.

PPS: You can see the terms and conditions of using this site here.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Sheetal Bhardwaj

    Hi Ethan. I loved your idea of creating a blog about Economics. It brings out your zeal for this subject. Economics is my favorite subject too. Looking forward for more intellectual posts from you. 🙂

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  2. Hey! Saw your comment in the community pool.

    I’m part of a trio that writes a blog about politics/policy/economics/law and seeing another writer in that general sphere drew me in.

    Really like your blog! I disagree with you on a range of points, but that exists separately from my enjoyment of the blog itself. I’ll be sure to visit back, I hope you come check out our blog as well.


    Liked by 1 person

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  4. George Moncaster

    Great to see other young people getting involved in these subjects, gives me hope. I love how open you are about your age, and doing ultimate frisbee while also writing about economics. Looking forward to reading your work.


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