What Government should be doing

Me, saying that government should do something! What happened to the real Ethan? Well, actually I think that I should define what I believe the best government would look like.

Anyways, the government would have 3 purposes if I had my way, National Defense, Criminal Justice and Lawsuit Courts.

But before we get into that let’s look at a definition of government by Merriam-Webster’s “The act or process of governing.”

  1. National Defense.

National Defense is a touchy issue. Before I continue please bear me out. I am not against our armed forces. I just happen to believe that we don’t need to be sending x number of troops overseas to fight wars that we created.* 19 time Emmy award winning journalist and author John Stossel put it this way in his book No They Can’t. “The way we can best serve our troops is not by expanding their budget. It is by narrowing their mission.”

The very act of individuals coming together and providing protection would be an act of governing. So the government wins by default.

The other reason would be that if there was no government at all and private individuals had to provide for their own protection, the individual would be worse off because of the fact that companies that sold x would now have to factor in the costs of security to their price. Also a group of people deciding to form a “union”to provide safety for each other would be a form of government.

2. Criminal Justice

Again, what we have here is a win by default. Because the act of coming together and punishing criminals is an act of governing the definitions force government to win.

3. Lawsuit Courts

I do think that the government has a legitimate role in providing a fair way for disagreeing citizens to settle disputes.

So basically the ideal government would look very similar to what the Constitution lays out. Hmm I wonder why that is the case.

One reason I think that this point of view can gain so much support is that when you limit government power you don’t have to worry about which party is in power because they can’t get much done.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions or if you disagree with me I would love to discuss it either in private, by heading over to the Contact Me page, or if you prefer, right here in the comment section.

*For more on this subject I highly recommend the book Ghost Wars by author Steve Coll. 


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