Why My Generation Will HAVE to Worry About Our National Debt

$19,896,426,850,500 and counting. In words, it’s nineteen trillion, eight hundred ninety-six billion, four hundred twenty-six million, eight hundred fifty thousand, five hundred dollars. That’s how much the US government owes. The per-person total is well over 60,000 dollars. Now I’m not on the Trump Train but I prefer him to Hillary and her plans to turn America into a welfare state.

We need to wake up.  If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I’ve talked about the Federal Reserve. When we look at various government organizations we find time and time again that most of them are useless. Just the other day my family went clamming on the coast. We had to get licenses that certified that we would only get 25 clams, yet we could have gotten 100 and no one would have ever found out. (Side Note, we only got 7) Last year my brother and I tried to make a little extra money doing a cotton candy stand. We had to get our food workers card and an “application for exemption from permit” along with a 20 dollar fine of course.

What really makes me mad though is that they did nothing to make sure that we followed the rules. I could have poisoned each and every one and the government wouldn’t have known. It’s just another situation where the government is nickel and diming you. The ironic thing is that we’re still 19 trillion in debt.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me in private by heading over to the Contact Me page, or just commenting below.


4 thoughts on “Why My Generation Will HAVE to Worry About Our National Debt

  1. Elizabeth

    Ethan, you made an interesting point about the clamming license. Why do they charge a license to dig clams? However I disagree about not getting caught for over-harvesting. Game wardens do patrol the beaches during clam tides. They probably wouldn’t catch you bagging an extra clam or two but 75 extra clams is a bit more obvious. Thanks for bringing up thought provoking questions.

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