Libertarianism: The Common Ground for Left and Right?

As this past election happened I was struck by how many reporters and journalists said something along the lines of “Who will be the next person to run our country?” I hate it when people say that. The president does not “run the country” he is the head of the Executive branch. He does not have authority to “run the country”. When we pretend that he does we misinform those who don’t know any better.

I have a suggestion. We can all stop worrying about what the president will do if we limit what he CAN do. What do I mean by that? Limit the size of the government, and thus it’s power, and then we won’t have to worry about what they will do because they can’t do all that much anyways. This is the core tenet of my policy beliefs.

That’s why I think on this area Liberals, Conservatives, and third-party people have the potential to unite and really hammer both sides.

We don’t have to agree on what to do if we win. But if we do win then we won’t have to agree. That’s why I see Libertarianism or Classic Liberalism as the common ground for both sides.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me in private by heading over to the Contact Me page, or just commenting below.


6 thoughts on “Libertarianism: The Common Ground for Left and Right?

  1. Agreed, I consider myself a classic liberal but libertarian ideas definitely appeal to me. Smaller governments, fewer intrusions on our lives and we manage ourselves for the most part and privatise (although the government might want to take care of security). It’s just a question of whether the major parties believe that humans can regulate themselves efficiently?

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      1. It’s a heavily debated topic as to what liberalism stands for (as you’re aware I’m sure). For me, it’s being able to say and think anything you want without your freedom of speech being impeached upon. So you are free to be a racist and say racist things much like you are free to be stupid and say stupid things (they kind of overlap). Just genuine freedom which meets libertarian values right there. Okay I hear you, ideas are more interesting than limiting it to parties.

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  2. I don’t think you have done enough research into what government does. I’m not getting on your case about small government, but I think you’ve been mislead into thinking that your government is the enemy…. The government provides what corporations don’t. Like healthcare, employment insurance, social assistance…. You being so young, you might not appreciate what those services actually do. but as an adult, you start to realize how important those services are. In the US, you don’t even have free healthcare. The US needs that. If you get your libertarian dream, with smaller or no government at all, then people will be living in very, very hard times.


    1. ” I’m not getting on your case about small government, but I think you’ve been mislead (sic) into thinking that your government is the enemy….”
      No, I haven’t been misled. I don’t think the government is (necessarily) the enemy. However, it CAN become the enemy and will be the minute it starts infringing on our constitutional rights. It certainly has the power to become the enemy, think about it: Who else has the power to
      A: Spy on you legally?
      B: Arrest you legally?
      C: Convict you legally?
      D: Punish you legally?

      You are FAR more likely to be arrested than you are to be in a terrorist attack.

      Are you saying that government healthcare is a good thing? I would rather pay for quality healthcare than get free non-existent healthcare.

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