Why the Wage Gap Doesn’t Matter.

“[Socialists] would rather have the poor poorer, provided that the rich were less rich.”

-Margaret Thatcher, British Prime Minister

The Department of Numbers said in 2015 that the median income level in the US is $55,775.  Compare that to the median income level in the world: $9,733 according to Gallup.

Margaret Thatcher explains it here.

The rich people help the economy and by extension the lower class by providing jobs and technology. The iPhone was made possible by capitalism. We all benefit from “rich capitalists” the idea that they hold the working man down is complete insanity.

I realize this post is kinda short but I hope that TTE’s first featured video made up for that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always if you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to contact me in private by heading over to the Contact Me page, or just commenting below.


2 thoughts on “Why the Wage Gap Doesn’t Matter.

  1. Thought provoking statement. I agree with you to an extent. In a capitalist society, there will always be people with more money and people with less; there’s only so much you can do about the wage gap in that model, so we shouldn’t worry about it overly much, and to that extent I agree with you.

    However, to say that income inequality doesn’t matter at all is I think a bit of an overstatement. One of the times that the US was considered to at its most economically prosperous, the post-war 1950s era, the top marginal tax rate was 91%, almost as high as its ever been.

    I’m not saying that the tax rate was the only factor, but I would also contest that the wage gap matters. A large and economically secure middle class is the foundation of a strong economy, and wide income disparity is an indicator of a shrinking middle class. So while I don’t think we should worry too much about it, I do think it still matters


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    1. Point taken. I would have to look into it a bit more but as far as I’m aware of that time period was very prosperous because of the fact that the there were a lot of mom and pop business’s that helped enrich society as a whole.

      Thanks for commenting!

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