Marx Madness! Karl Marx, The Man, The Myths, The Legend Part 6

When we look at modern day politicians and some of their ideas we find that they are often times very similar to Marx’s ideas even if they don’t directly attribute it to him. That’s why it is essential that we know about Karl Marx’s theories and why they don’t work. And thus I present for your consideration:

Karl Marx, The Legend Part Six

As I’ve said before Karl Marx did not realize that greed is what drives the market. In the Soviet Union, the peasants would sometimes burn their produce rather than let the government take it. That just doesn’t happen in the US. If greed is what drives the marketplace if greed is what brings us plentiful food if greed is what brings us all of the extras that we Americans have, then I say bring on the greed! Self-Interest is what drives people to invent things. So that’s where Marx went wrong. But honestly who can blame him? When you subscribe to his theories of the individual getting more free, a “dictatorship of the working man” seemed to be the logical next step.

But as it turns out capitalism is the best way to gain freedom for the working man. But that way of life is increasingly under attack. If the founding fathers were alive today I don’t believe they would recognize America. Why do we have an organization who’s express purpose is to steal 2% of our savings? (The Federal Reserve) This is absolute insanity. They tell us that we need to “avoid deflation” What about inflation? Ooh! I have an idea! How about we go back to the gold standard? If you want to read more I would highly recommend Ron Paul’s book End the Fed.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any questions or even pushback I would love to talk with you. Just put a comment down below or subscribe to my email list.


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