Marx Madness! Karl Marx, The Man, The Myths, The Legend Part 5

Alright we’ve covered a lot in this series: Marx the Man, and several prevalent myths about him and his writings. Now I’m going to wrap this part of the series up with a 2-part Marx the Legend sub-series. For your consideration

Karl Marx, The Legend Part Five

Karl Marx was a key turning point in history. He was able to convince the average working man that he was not just a slave to the wealthy capitalist. For this reason alone, I would contend that Marx be considered one of the greatest people of the 19th century. If you really think about it, he didn’t have the example of the Soviet Union, Red China, or other communist nations so he didn’t know that the communist idea was fundamentally flawed. He didn’t realize that nobody spends someone else’s money as well as you spend your own. Without that knowledge he couldn’t have foreseen that problem.

The basic problem with the communistic market is that you don’t have incentives. If a worker doesn’t get paid anymore if he or she does a good job or get paid less if they do a bad job than what incentive do they have to do a good job? None. That’s why the government almost never does something as well as a private company. That’s also  why some government workers are notoriously slow. I’m not naming any names (cough cough postal workers cough cough) but why should they do a better job when they can’t be fired?

When we look back on history we always have a better perspective. That’s why the Democratic Socialist party is mainly filled up with people not much older than me. It’s because anyone older than that will have remembered the Soviet Union and how that worked out.

Don’t get me wrong, if anyone who is reading this is a Democratic Socialist, I would love to here from you.  If you want to clash ideas or even just ask a question in private just head over to the Contact Me page.


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